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The sun, in your own home

Technology, experience and craftsmanship

In heating appliances, where high standards of safety and robust and lasting technology are required, LA STUFA BERGAMASCA is a serious and industrious company because it is the heir to craftsmanship which bases its existence on these values.

La Stufa Bergamasca can boast of being a small industrial company and to preserve this identity, offering a product which, although mass produced, is unique: because no stove is ever similar to another.

Lifelong heat

The stove with a generous heart

The special refractory materials used and the exclusive patented labyrinth system allow very high efficiency: the heat accumulated during combustion is gradually released by the whole body of the stove to your home for many hours even when combustion is over.

As with the sun, with La Stufa Bergamasca you also obtain heat with infrared rays, which is a healthy and comfortable heat which is spread by radiation and distributed uniformly without creating draughts or dust, keeping a constant and even temperature in the room. For total well-being, from head to foot.

The stove with the unique heart

La Stufa Bergamasca is not only a valid heating appliance but also a real interior decoration accessory. Its “important” presence makes it a real protagonist and for this reason each model can be chosen with the facing you prefer: Ceramics, Majolica or Soapstone to go with your taste and your interior decoration.