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The sun, in your own home

As with the sun, with La Stufa Bergamasca you also obtain heat with infrared rays, which is a healthy and comfortable warmth, spread by radiation and distributed uniformly without creating draughts or dust, keeping a constant and even temperature in the room. The sun, in your own home.

  • Economia

    An investment

    Thanks to the exclusive system of slow release of the heat, total reliability, high performance and fiscal abatement of 36%, La Stufa Bergamasca is a real investment, which lets you save on heating for many years and is amortized in the short term.

  • Perchè sceglierla

    Why choose it

    You can personalize both the finishes (copper-plated or steel) and the facings: there are 8 variants of ceramics, 5 of majolica, soapstone and slate. It offers a healthy, ecological, economic and lasting heat. You only have to fill it a few times a day and it has a very low consumption.It is also silent.

  • Calore lunga durata

    The "Long lasting heat" System

    The concept of labyrinth comes from Greek mythology, with the idea of hiding something and guaranteeing that any intruder who wants to steal it will get lost, through a highly intricate architecture, created to make it difficult to find the way out. The exclusive “long lasting heat” system, underlying the design of La Stufa Bergamasca, uses a real labyrinth to retain the discharge of heat in the form of high temperature smoke for as long as possible, reducing the dispersion of heat to a minimum. In this way we guarantee the maximum efficiency to give you long lasting heat and a real saving on heating costs.

  • Arte

    A work of art between design and tradition

    Each of the twenty-two exclusive models, divided according to the size of the room to be heated, is a minor work of art and can be personalized with majolica, ceramic or soapstone facings to meet every interior decoration need. An "important" presence to make your home even more welcoming and comfortable.